Winding down 2022 and looking ahead at 2023

Sharing a toast at Raven Wolf Productions (10/15/22)

It’s been waaaaay to long since I posted on our official site, so here goes nothing:

It feels like we’ve been digging out and recovering from the 2020 lockdown for quite a while now. I added a couple of new links to our videos page, so drop by there for proof we haven’t been idle. Our album is still in the works and we’ve been building up our show schedule to almost pre 2020 levels. My hope for 2023 includes new venues, new songs, and lots more fun to be had. We love to see our dancer friends coming back as they feel comfortable, and of course we appreciate the support of folks who come out to see us play whether it’s on the street, at a wedding or in a barn (see above). Take care, and we’ll see you in the new year! -Chris


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