We are honored to announce that The Dandelion Stompers have been voted BEST LOCAL BAND! What?!!? Y’all are the bees knees. And with that announcement comes the great news that we are now accepting pre-orders for our upcoming debut album! Details below!!!!

Hot on the heels of being named “Best Local Band” in Little Village’s 2022 Best of the CRANDIC, The Dandelion Stompers head to Flat Black Studios in Spring 2023 with a full-length, studio album due out in Summer 2023. Pre-order certificates for gifting can be emailed to be printed at home, so that your Stompers fan (or future fan!) will have something to open for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. Your pre-order will help the Stompers produce the album and any order of $100 or more will come with a mention in the album credits.
About The Dandelion Stompers
Specializing in honoring 1920s trad jazz composers and musicians with dance inspiring, New Orleans-style treatments, The Dandelions Stompers were founded in 2014 by band leader and bari sax aficionado Christopher Clark. Handing the lead mic to jazz singer Katie Roche, they tapped husband and wife Marc (guitar) and Brandi (stand-up bass) Janssen to hold down the rhythm section, adding one of the area’s premier jazz drummers Tim Crumley, driving on the skins. No NOLA style outfit would be complete without a heavy dose of brass and wood. Rounding out the horn section is soaring clarinet of Suzanne Smith, Devin van Holsteijn on his lilting alto sax, and Katie Greenstein blasting on trumpet.


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