Bix Birthday Bash

Join us for the Bix Birthday Bash on Saturday, March 10th at Rhythm City Casino in Davenport, IA. Look for a swing dance lesson at 6:30, Dandelion Stompers at 7:00, and The Locust Street Boys at 8:00!

One of Iowa’s native sons, Bix Beiderbecke was active from the mid 1920’s until his passing in 1931. Cornet player, composer and pianist, he helped to usher along the jazz age with a unique improvisational style while playing with the Jean Goldkette¬†Orchestra, the Paul Whiteman Orchestra and many others.

The memory of Bix as an influential musician is kept alive largely due to the amazing efforts of the Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Society. Their yearly festival, held during the first weekend of August, brings in jazz bands from across the country, around the world, and from right here in the midwest.

We hope you’ll follow the links above and check out some amazing groups at the Birthday Bash and at the upcoming festival.